Concocted by Lou Harry and John Thomas
Two First Name Productions

The one-of-a-kind Indy Fringe hit returns. A live auction comedy with a new cast of terrific actors at every performance, "Going...Going...Gone" lets the audience participate in the final sale at Ed's, an auction house filled with spontaneous stories and surprising revelations. What other show lets winning bidders take home the props?

IndyFringe Basile Theatre
Oct. 7th @ 7pm
Nov. 4th @ 7pm
Dec. 2nd @ 7pm
Jan. 6th @ 7pm
Feb. 3rd @ 7pm
March 3rd @ 7pm
April 7th @ 7pm
TICKETS: $15 adults/ $12 students/seniors
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How “Going…Going…Gone” works:
• When entering the theatre, you are given play money –useful for bidding on the objects.
• Not everyone starts with the same amount of money. Yep: Just like in the real world. Deal with it.
• Don’t be shy. You are a part of the show.
• Don’t be obnoxious. You’re not the whole show.
• Even if you don’t really want something, consider bidding anyway to force the people who do want it to bid higher. (It’s fun to be annoying.)
• If you are the winning bidder, you will take your item home … and tell all your friends you got it at “Going…Going…Gone.”