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Anna's Wings

Anna's Wings is the heartbreaking story of Anna and her beloved husband,
Sheriff Leo Skinner as they face her valiant fight against the disease Alzheimer's.

Anna's Wings: An African-American Sheriff struggling with the disease that is ravishing his wife’s body.

Backstage - Tortillo cast

Tortillo! first premiered at the 2009 Indy Fringe and was voted a favorite show among performers: our good Fringe friend Kurt Fitzpatrick saw the show twice and said it was “one of the most delightfully bizarre things” he's seen at a fringe. When CRP was thinking of shows we wanted to bring to the Fringe's new Indy Eleven, we knew we wanted to bring back Tortillo! : So we dusted off the script, cast an exciting new team and revamped the show to the full-length comedy you will see tonight. Tortillo! is a fringe show and starts many Fringe veterans, here some stats:

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