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From July to November 2020, we are proud to have safely presented over 68 performances and 12 movies outdoors at the IndyFringe Pocket Park! 


Whether enjoying sunny pre-show picnics or braving the elements on a frigid rainy night, over 3,600 fabulous Fringers showed up to be moved by live theater, music, and dance - a much needed respite during these trying times.

We are hard at work behind the scenes planning for more great theatrics in 2021! As always, we remain committed to creating an open and equitable platform for independent artists. 

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Ready for a giant, wild, risk-taking leap?
Want to run with a crazy, creative crowd?
Can't resist free shows and cheap beer?

We will welcome you, train you, and clothe you with a one-of-a-kind IndyFringe T-shirt.
You will be the lifeblood of our 11-day Fringe festival, helping everything run smoothly and on-time. 

Volunteers are needed during our regular season too!



IndyFringe exists to encourage, support and assist independent artists by providing an accessible, affordable outlet that draws diverse aspects of the community together
and inspires creative experience through the arts.


IndyFringe is a 501c3 arts organization that the serves the community by creating opportunities for emerging artists. Each August, we host the IndyFringe Festival, an 11 day celebration of live theatre featuring more than 60 performers and groups with almost 400 shows up and down Mass Ave.


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IndyFringe joins in solidarity with African Americans and all people of goodwill decrying oppression and calling for justice in the cases of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and countless others impacted by police violence and institutional murders. Black Lives Matter.

That’s why we pledge and ask our IndyFringe supporters to

· Use #blacklivesmatter social media and online platforms to underscore your support of justice for the African American community and cultural institutions now and moving forward;
· Advocate to funders and elected officials your stand for equitable funding for institutions of color;
· Create a radically welcoming space for Black artists and works and for all Black audiences
· Visit black communities and institutions, invest in small businesses and attend African American events; and,
· Be the person who doesn’t look like the majority of people in a space and experience the power of that perspective.

We are committed to facilitating the articulation and expression of Black lives, values, culture, issues and dynamics through the performing arts. We will continue cultivating and offering a platform for Black playwrights, actors, directors, producers and those involved at all levels of stage crafts and theatre.