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A History Tour Hijacked – Show 201

A singing tour guide gives a comedic tour of Washington DC until she gets hijacked by a mysterious passenger who may not be who she appears to be!
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Alisa Rosenthal (our Hnor student) stands against a yellow background in a burnt orange suite.

Big Honor Student Energy – Show 601

Big Honor Student Energy is a show for overachievers and the people who love them about a full adult who still gives off “is there extra credit?” vibes and her search to fit in.
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Jack sits in a chair and shows the audience a prosthetic leg

Embrace Me: A Comedy Show About Dating & Disability – Show 204

EMBRACE ME: Dating's tough enough, but try dating when it's also hard to walk.
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Nick Narcisi in a Girlfriend Guy shirt stands next to a blank-faced woman.

Girlfriend Guy – Show 603

After his life as a 'girlfriend guy' takes an unexpected turn, storyteller Nick Narcisi navigates the turbulent waters of love, self-discovery, and unconventional romance in the chaotic landscape of modern dating.
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Abby Bland sits in a Godzilla onesie

Godzilla’s Not a Dinosaur – Show 304

Godzilla's Not a Dinosaur is a one-person stand-up show that explores what it means to be human in a world that is often anything but.
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Kyle B. Dekker in theatrical lighting for He-Man is the Devil.

He-Man is the Devil: A Satanic Panic Tale – Show 305

He-Man is the Devil is the true story of how childhood, fandom, and hope survived a childhood enveloped in crushing right-wing Christian ideology.
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Neon Rainbows and lightning bolds surround a tiny rat in this poster for I, Ratburn

I, Ratburn – Show 503

Your favorite cartoon rat educator (Mr. Ratburn) is here to set the record straight on his Special Someone...and we DO mean straight...
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The featured image for "lossed" is a black coffin surrounded by green and white flowers

Lossed – Show 309

Lossed is a goofy, poignant dark comedy that uses standup, video, and slideshow to illustrate one woman’s journey into begrudgingly embracing death’s place in her life.
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Jordan Allen, magician, prepares a sensory friendly magic show that is whimsical, intriguing, and full of laughs

Oh Look It’s Magic! A Sensory Friendly Magic Show – Show 208

A sensory friendly magic show for all ages that fuses comedy & storytelling to explore life as a neurodivergent person and entertainer.
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A collection of fashion items that Mary uses to play dress up with the audience in this storytelling show

Playing Dress-Up: The Stories & Clothes of our Lives – Show 310

Mary encourages audiences to “play dress-up” and share the fashion & fads of our lives in this interactive storytelling show
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Adrienne D. Jackson presents SHE a contemporary dance project

SHE – Show 509

SHE is a journey to find herself in the joys and challenges on the road to womanhood, expressed through contemporary dance and poetry.
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Buddha holding a bottle of liquor in this poster for Tales of a reluctant world traveler

Tales of a Reluctant World Traveler – Show 311

Sixteen weeks, four continents, three bungee jumps, and reluctant world traveler Randy Ross couldn't come home soon enough. A must-see for book lovers, writers, travelers, whiners, kvetches, and misanthropes.
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Rya DeMulder poses in this costume from evolution of consciousness

The Evolution of Consciousness – Show 213

In a blend of fantasy and realism, incorporating live singing, original music and movement, the show follows evolution from both the consciousness of the universe at large and that of an individual.
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A lit candle and a foggy background set the stage for The Talking Dead

The Talking Dead: Experiences from the victorian Seance – Show 110

The Talking Dead is an interactive adventure that explores the people and manifestations of the Victorian Seance for both skeptics and believers.
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Travis Ables hides from a monster in the things I hide from dad

The Things I Hide From Dad – Show 411

Raised in his father’s doomsday cult, twelve-year-old Travis believes the mere thought of sex might trigger a nuclear apocalypse. But he just can’t shake these… feelings he’s been having in The Things I Hide From Dad
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Unrested Spirits haunt this image

Unrested Spirits – Show 512

A journey through Errol's contact with unrested spirits - from a ghost panther at scout camp in Mississippi to a frightening night in an asylum in Illinois.
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Verse & Vision written in a looping font.

Verse & Vision – Show 606

Verse & Vision: Where Poetry Shares the Spotlight in a Canvas of Creativity
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