In 2005, Indianapolis first experienced the world-wide Fringe phenomenon! The city embraced the edgy, original, creative theatre arts festival.

Today, IndyFringe owns two and manages two year-round theatres and now hosts several other performing arts festivals throughout the year. 

IndyFringe Theatre Festival - Our 15th Annual

11 days of riotous, raucous, often inspiring theatre delights and entertains huge audiences on Mass Ave in downtown Indianapolis. Now established as one of Indy's most successful cultural events, the annual IndyFringe Festival attracts tens of thousands of fans every August.

Winter Magic Festival - 10th Annual

Wishing for wizardry? Coveting more conjuring? The IndyFringe Winter Magic Festivals attracts nationally and internationally-renowned, award-winning magicians to Indianapolis each January. No where else in the U.S. does a group of the most inventive, innovative and mesmerizing magicians share the same stage.

DivaFest - 10th Annual

Insightful. Energizing. Endlessly Entertaining. Our juried DivaFest showcases plays written exclusively by women, a minority among playwrights. Through our partnership with the Writer’s Center of Indiana, the center coaches new playwrights in the processes of play writing and production. IndyFringe provides the venue, marketing support and a share of any profits, encouraging new works and new artists.

Ten Minute Play Festival - 4th Annual

Fast-paced. Incisive. Bitterly funny and semi-sweet. Another collaboration with the Writer’s Center of Indiana, our short play festival proves that sometimes, less is more. Featuring new and emerging playwrights, their original works captivate growing audiences.

OnyxFest - 9th Annual

IndyFringe sponsors Indianapolis' first and only festival for African American playwrights. We believe in helping to create a theatre culture that is supportive and inclusive of all artists.

True to our mission, IndyFringe strives to offer an accessible, affordable outlet for audiences, inspire excellence through the arts, and create a financial incentive for performers, writers and directors to remain in Indianapolis.


BardFest is Indy's only annual Shakespeare Festival!

Bard Fest Indy was founded by three Indiana-based theatre companies to bring a professional-quality, yet intimate, Shakespeare festival experience to Hoosier audiences. Through our partnership with The Carmel Theatre Company and IndyFringe, Bard Fest is able to not only provide paying work for local area actors, but also provide three unique visions under one intimate roof.