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You Belong at IndyFringe!

Discover the joy, the magic, and the drama of the IndyFringe Theatre Festival in Indianapolis.

This annual celebration of the performing arts transforms the City of Indianapolis for 11 continuous days during the Summer and features genre-defying performances of every kind. From dance to cabaret, children’s theatre to stand-up comedy, whether you’re an established creator with a new story to tell or just beginning your artistic adventure, there is a place for YOU at IndyFringe. 

Play Video about A collage of Fringe Artists including drag, burlesque, dance, projection artistry, choral music, comedy, drama, puppetry, circus, storytelling, student work, poetry, and more!

Offers are Out! Here's What we Know from the 2024 Lottery

IndyFringe Theatre Festival - Lottery Results. Four Spheres showcasing different statistics: 83 applicants, 64 acts selected, 17 states, 41 first-time applicants. Boxes showcasing other statistics including that acts were selected from three countries, 22% of applicants identified as LGBTQ+ and there will be more than twenty different genres represented.
Lottery Results page one: acts # 1-28
Lottery Results Page 2: Acts #30 - 60
Lottery Results Page 3: Acts #61 - 83

Important Dates

  • December 4 (12:00PM EST) – Applications open
  • February 11 (11:59PM EST) – Applications close 
  • February 14 – Lottery recorded 
  • February 23 – Lottery results shared & 1st round offers sent. (all signed offers and artist fees must be paid within two weeks from the date offers were sent.)  
  • Mar 1 – Offers sent to Satellite Venue Artists 
  • March 15 – Second round of Lottery Offers Sent
  • April 14 – Deadline for free withdrawal @ 11:59pm (EST)
  • May 6 – Technical and Marketing Forms Due
  •  June 3 – Rough Draft of Festival Schedule sent to artists (Schedule is not finalized. Not Public. DO NOT SHARE.) 
  • June 17 – FINAL IndyFringe Schedule Announced 
  • July 1 – Tickets on sale
  • August 14 – Festival Kick-Off Party/Preview Night (recommended for all out of town artists)
  • August 15 – August 25: The Festival!1

Are You Ready to Apply?

Read through the Application Guide then use this checklist to determine if you are ready to submit!

  • I have read through “The Selection Process”
  • I have determined whether my project qualifies for the Amplified Voices Lottery
  • I have read the application agreement and production guide
  • I am aware of IndyFringe’s current health and safety protocols
  • My proposed project is between 45 and 60 minutes in length
  • My proposed project has a working title 
  • I have watched the 2024 IndyFringe Application Tutorial
  • I have a solid understanding of the technical requirements for my project
  • I am aware of any schedule limitations that affect my availability during the festival
  • I have paid the $30 application fee
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Jeffrey Dalstrom.


Opportunities and Innovative Approaches to Reaching a Wider, Fringier Audience

Why return to 11 straight days instead of 3 weekends?

    • Cost Saving Measures – The new format allows us to significantly reduce our rental cost, while only giving up a single day of performances. 
    • The Festival Feel – Staff received feedback from many artists (especially out of town artists) that it is harder to busk and build up excitement for their show with large breaks in the middle of the festival. This will also make the festival a continuous presence in the arts and culture district, rather than a sporadic one. 
    • Labor Day – The new format allows us to avoid labor-day weekend, which was recommended by Visit Indy, Indiana Destination Development, and Public Relations firm, Hirons.
    • Staff Morale – The 8 weeks leading up to the Festival are incredibly taxing on the staff, as we prepare not only for the festival, but also our year-round programming. The new format will allow our office to close for a week following the festival.
    • Scaling Back to Provide More Resources – Hosting fewer acts in the Festival will allow us to dedicate more resources to each artist, enhancing their experience and elevating the overall festival quality. 

Why expand to the DK stage and White Rabbit?

    • The Spirit of Fringe: Exploring non-traditional venues (like the Dance Kaleidoscope studio), creates new opportunities for edgy and innovative performances that may not be best suited for a traditional theater. Exploring new stages also enhances the Fringe atmosphere and identifies the particular experience of being at a Fringe festival. 
    • Centering IndyFringe – The DK stage is the same distance from IndyFringe as the beautiful Athenaeum Basile Theatre. This means that we are simply shifting the center of the festival from the District Theatre to IndyFringe.
    • Parking – Both The White Rabbit and DK stage are surrounded by ample free parking, with additional parking solutions a short stroll from the theatre.
    • Nightlife – The content that will be programmed at The White Rabbit will be specifically catered to nightlife – centering acts like burlesque, drag, live music, and stand-up comedy. The White Rabbit has an in-house bar, and will be able to stay open significantly later than The Beer Tent, creating a community landing space for artists after a long day at the Festival.

More Options, Less Risk

  • Agency for Artists – After receiving feedback from the 2023 Festival, we determined that it was essential to provide more agency to our artists. We are accomplishing this by:
  • Allowing artists to apply for specific venues
        • This makes it highly unlikely for an artist to find themselves in a venue they deem unsuitable for their work.
  • Allowing artists to choose one of 3 distinct ticket prices
        • Artists express a range of sentiments regarding the ticket price for the festival. Some folks feel they can pull more for their shows, while others just want to put butts in seats. This new system gives them the power to choose how they accomplish this, and what their return may look like
      • Find the best fit for your audience:
        • This new opportunity allows artists to structure your ticket price for your specific venue, production, and target audience.
  • Reduced Barrier to Entry
    • The new pricing structure reduces your upfront fees by 50%This means that the most any artist will pay out of pocket to participate in the festival is $300, and the lowest is $100. 
      • Our reallocated budget provides this opportunity for artists to ensure that you can focus on what matters – your artistic product.

Pay Application Fee Now

Are You a Touring Artist? Consider Applying for the Midwest Touring Trifecta

Artists applying in this lottery must reside in either Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, or Indiana and have produced in their home Fringe Festival at least once. One artist from each home festival will be selected and each will be guaranteed a slot in the KC FringeMinnesota Fringe, and IndyFringe Festivals. Upon completion of the entire tour, your home Fringe producer fee will be refunded to you.

Kansas City Fringe| 7/18 - 7/28

Minnesota Fringe | 8/01 - 8/11

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IndyFringe Festival | 8/15 - 8/25

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