“Janoah…anygoodjokes?” juggles several tasks simultaneously: performing & teaching! During this (optionally interactive) performance YOU learn to juggle while you watch. Between facts, Janoah engagingly guides you through the essentials: throwing, bathing, and messy-ing up!

Precarious unicycle pathways, shimmering puppetry, jaw-dropping juggling, mesmerizing motions… Janoah tosses together art forms to tell a tale of learning & labor, emerging ecstatically from a haphazard pile of props.

And (of course!) what circus would be complete without popcorn & banana peels?

In The Company Of Women

In the Company of Women is a collection of original dance works inspired by influential women in history, pop culture, and our daily lives. Performing to a variety of music genres, Crossroads Dance Indy celebrates the stories of Jane Goodall, Julia Child, Nina Simone, and more.


Human interaction and emotion through movement.

II. is a modern contemporary dance performance; an abstract representation of human connection, different emotions, and self-discovery through modern dance movement and set to experimental classical music. You’ll love this family-friendly dance concert celebrating black choreographers and self-discovery.


True love always returns.

This heartfelt story told through dance follows the lives of two characters who can’t quite find the right time to be together. Hope is a theatrical dance concert that includes contemporary jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, hip hop, ballroom, belly dance, and pantomime.

Fly Blackbird Fly/Voices We Can’t Unhear

Fly Blackbird Fly/Voices We Can’t Unhear is a choreopoem recounting impactful and traumatic experiences of several women. Though they never considered or attempted suicide, each woman is at her breaking point and desperately wants to escape. Storytelling & therapy sessions, ultimately bring them to a place of healing/freedom.

Dance Kaleidoscope: Vinyl Vision

DK dancers-turned choreographers have created new works that make memory and emotion come to life with dance that is nostalgic, heartwarming, and whimsical. Songs from Billie Holiday, Labrinth, and Simon & Garfunkel will take you back and forth through time with movement that is incredibly entertaining and creative.

DK is thrilled to present Vinyl Vision and cannot wait for you to experience what their emerging choreographers see when they hear music from distinct decades. Turns out, it’s an eclectic collection of vinyl ranging from 1910 to 2020.

Beyond Ballet

Beyond Ballet is an eclectic and cutting-edge program that tests the limits of the Indianapolis Ballet Company dancers and what ballet can be. This mixed repertoire performance showcases both classical and contemporary works by IB Artistic Director, Victoria Lyras, Scott Jovovich, Kristin Toner, and Roberta Wong.

Ballet INitiative Presents: A Social Media Experience

Ballet INitiative presents a multi-genre dance concert curated by our community on social media. This show tells the story of Ballet INitiative and its mission of being inclusive, inspiring, and innovative. The company took to social media to include not only artists but audiences in order to create the show list. Along with fan favorites, the artists will also debut a new work each weekend of the festival. This show represents all that Ballet INitiative stands for as a company and how it interacts with the community.

Coming of Age Promo Photo

I Think We Are Supposed To Be ‘Coming Of Age’ By Now

This dance and live music show focuses on our ‘Coming of Age’ stories by navigating youthful angst, sexuality, and gender dysphoria in a way that is truly punk in nature. Society wants us to grow up and ‘Come of Age’ in a specific manner. We combat this pressure by wearing bright makeup, light up shoes, blanket capes, high heels, etc. Along with the social commentary on the mid youth identity crisis, we have created a space where people want to bounce and groove with us. This show pushes the boundaries of what contemporary dance can be when set to head banging alternative music. There is something for everyone as these dances flow between head banging punk, sweeping ballroom, subtle sultry, and revival rock.

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