Adrienne D. Jackson presents SHE a contemporary dance project

SHE – Show 509

SHE is a journey to find herself in the joys and challenges on the road to womanhood, expressed through contemporary dance and poetry.

Dancers present a movement from Through the Pulse of Memory

Through the Pulse of Memory – Show 412

Through contemporary modern dance and beautifully integrated film, “Through the Pulse of Memory” invites audiences to contemplate the power of oral tradition and storytelling in defining personal identity, reminding us of how the body and heart remember.

Julie Leir removes a layer of her costume in Shedding Skin

Shedding Skin – Show 510

How do you become who you really are? Shedding Skin is an exploration of transformation, a moving meditation on change.

Panting Gravity dancers create an impactful image of three dancers stacked on top of one another.

Painting Gravity – Embracing Connections – Show 406

‘Painting Gravity – Embracing Connections’ unfurls a compelling tapestry of human relationships, delving into the entangled influences of mind and body and discovers a delicate balance between seclusion and camaraderie.

The Ballet Initiative Dancers present a piece from INdy

Ballet INitiative Presents: INdy

INdy celebrates the beauty and diversity of our community, featuring INnovative choreography from local artists and bringing the best of what Indianapolis has to offer through INclusive and INspired dancing.

Dancers in Cruces/Intersections move together

Cruces/Intersections – Show 404

Through dance movement and poetry, Cruces/Intersections explores lived experiences when reaching a crossroads and making decisions that will define fate and destiny.

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