Enjoy This EP: A Chamber Pop Play featuring Hannah Elizabeth Boswell and Zachariah Stonerock

Enjoy This EP – Show 302

Steven loves a good break-up album…except when it’s about him…
Enjoy This EP is a new hour-long musical from Paige Scott

The Camp Summer Xamp sign - eight camp counselors in a boat!

Camp Summer Camp – Show 101

It’s the summer of 1984, and a group of rag-tag counselors rally to save their Canadian summer camp from the brink of closure armed with only love, laughter, and show-stopping choreography

A History Tour Hijacked

A History Tour Hijacked – Show 201

A singing tour guide gives a comedic tour of Washington DC until she gets hijacked by a mysterious passenger who may not be who she appears to be!

6J – Alice’s Wonderful Afternoon

Wonder and curiosity with just a touch of madness, on an afternoon with Alice and her friends in the play with music presented by the students of University High School.

The Indianapolis Men's Chorus presents The royal Tea. Serving it up hot with a side of sass.

6F – The Royal Tea

The IMC brings you the best of musical royalty, serving kings and queens in a pop-filled night of singing and dancing.

Small Giants

5K – Notes on Nothing

Three artists long to stop longing in this modern performance of music and poetry from the band, Small Giants.

4G – Journey Home

Monica Cantrell takes you on a journey through stories of life experienced through familiar songs you know and love!

A poignant tale about family, alcoholism, and finding love

4C – The Betsy Show

After spending half of her life seeking approval from her powerful but wounded parents, Betsy finds herself on an incredible journey of “becoming.”

3A – U Sing 2!

U Sing 2 is your chance to sing along with a bunch of fun people and fun songs!

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