Claus Out: A Holiday-Themed Murder Mystery Musical

In the shadow of Rudolph’s mysterious death two decades ago, Santa’s remaining reindeer gather for a somber reunion, only to face fresh murder and dark secrets as they confront their shared past and the truth that threatens to shatter Christmas forever.

Being Rob Johansen - Defiance Comedy

4A – Being Rob Johansen

Local actor Rob Johansen has always gotten his way, but when three strangers wake up inside his head, they’ll do everything they can to change his ways.

1G – Super Mario is Dead

Luigi, long time player number two, must step into his brother’s shoes to save the day in this mature musical parody.

1D – Between Trains

This new play with music asks what happens when you have an opportunity to make a choice. Presented by Indiana Drama Club for the 2023 IndyFringe Festival

Ship of Dreams

A group of friends attempt to cross an ocean of impossibility when they set out to stage James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece ‘Titanic’ in under an hour. Performed by 6 comedians with 2 overhead projectors and an embarrassingly low budget. Will they succeed or will they be lost at sea?

Ship of Dreams is a parody clown show for cinema nerds and pop culture nuts.

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