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Right Behind You - Written by D.L. Patrick, Directed by Megan Simonton

OnyxFest 2023 – Right Behind You, a Caregiving Story

Three generations deal with rising family conflict as their matriarch battles COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. This dramedy is written by award-winning playwright, D.L. Patrick and directed by Megan Simonton.

Babe - Written by Delores Thornton, Directed by Delores Thornton and Trease Sears

OnyxFest 2023 – Babe by Delores Thornton

A cogent story which explains how the protagonist overcomes deep seated issue. This brand new play is written and directed by Delores Thornton who starred as Mari Evans in 2022’s hit play, Black is my Color.

6J – Alice’s Wonderful Afternoon

Wonder and curiosity with just a touch of madness, on an afternoon with Alice and her friends in the play with music presented by the students of University High School.

Open 24 Hours

4I – Le Bord D’ivoire

A group of friends creates a suicide pact as they navigate love, friendship, and loyalty before things take a dark turn in this world premier drama from Kass Dowell and produced by Monument Theatre Company.

Humbletown: The Greatest Town on Earth

4H – Humbletown: The Greatest Show on Earth

This oddly familiar history of a small Midwestern town features dozens of eclectic characters – Including a loving couple of freezing frontiersfolk, a cadre of mustachioed men, and a merry band of ghosts.

A poignant tale about family, alcoholism, and finding love

4C – The Betsy Show

After spending half of her life seeking approval from her powerful but wounded parents, Betsy finds herself on an incredible journey of “becoming.”

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