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A black background with the words, Bigfoot Saves the World, in bright red text. Below the words are images of FDR, an FBI Agent, Bigfoot, Dr. Loveinterest, The Mothman. Each of them is posing dramatically.

Bigfoot Saves the World!

Bigfoot is back to save us all! This campy cult-classic action adventure follows Bigfoot on his quest to save the world from the clutches of the evil Mothman! Set in the 1970’s, this hilarious revival and expansion of Cryptid Entertainment’s 2022 Fringe hit might just save your summer!

M. A New Play by Tristan Ross

M. is based off the film by acclaimed German film-maker Fritz Lang, will be a noir, dark, and intimate stage-thriller experience perfect for classic film fans, horror fans, and theatre fans.

A little boy sitting alone in a hall

Natural Affection by William Inge

In 1963, five friends and family in a Chicago apartment building navigate the holidays – and one another – amidst an increasingly volatile and violent world.


Indy Bard Fest Presents: Medea

A thrilling Greek classic, retold for a modern audience. Medea explores the plights of womanhood throughout generations after the titular heroine is scorned and rejected by her husband, Jason. Her journey to reclaim her power dives into the darkest corners of the human psyche. | Part of the IndyFringe Spotlight Season

Elephant by Lewis Morrow

Monument Theatre Company presents a vital workplace drama from Lewis Morrow. “Elephant” boldly examines the everyday horror of corporate America.

Right Behind You - Written by D.L. Patrick, Directed by Megan Simonton

OnyxFest 2023 – Right Behind You, a Caregiving Story

Three generations deal with rising family conflict as their matriarch battles COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. This dramedy is written by award-winning playwright, D.L. Patrick and directed by Megan Simonton.

Babe - Written by Delores Thornton, Directed by Delores Thornton and Trease Sears

OnyxFest 2023 – Babe by Delores Thornton

A cogent story which explains how the protagonist overcomes deep seated issue. This brand new play is written and directed by Delores Thornton who starred as Mari Evans in 2022’s hit play, Black is my Color.

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