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Women’s Work

Nursing. Teaching. Answering the phones. Raising children. You know, women’s work. All while trying to make a dollar out of 83 cents. This play shows the evolution of complexities women face as they navigate external and internal challenges from their first day on the job to the start of retirement, and explores how these stories shape the next generation of women at work. This original piece by Alicia LaMagdeleine also includes musical accompaniment by guitarist Dave Pelsue.

When Jesus Divorced Me

She was married to the man of her dreams. Shortly after her wedding, he gets cast at a theme park where he either plays Jesus or crucifies him every day at 3. She tries to be proud of her husband in this new endeavor, until a princess from a neighboring theme park comes into the picture and she realizes something is amiss. Now, she is left with the weird and funny aftermath.

This musical storytelling show asks: When a theme park Jesus leaves you for a theme park princess, what do you do next?

What Could Go Wrong?

“You’ll laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll demand a Refund! But what you’ll hear during my monologues is real.” – David Vass What Could Go Wrong? The musings of an eccentric recontour who happened to be in the right places at the right times. What Could Go Wrong is a look back at a career that included politics, celebrities, sex, strippers, funny and horrific moments, more sex, and nearly the entire history of the LGBTQ+ community.


One couple’s journey from bliss to battery. Why do women stay? And is there such a thing as a. “reformed abuser?”

Richard and Michelle have been madly in love since high school. Now, married and in their 40’s, their perfect picture begins to unravel right before your eyes. Michelle wants for nothing but Richard’s love, but Richard wants EVERYTHING! And he wants it HIS WAY!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

A small ensemble of actors and musicians bring the story of Edward Tulane to life, as he discovers the power of love and friendship.

Edward Tulane is a toy rabbit made of china. He is loved by a little girl named Abilene, with whom he is crossing the sea. Edward gets tossed over board and begins a journey that leads him to a grieving family, hobo hopping twins, and an ill girl and her brother, all on a quest to understand the importance of all kinds of love.

Sweet Dreams, Pillowman

Monique has got to get out! Befriending the singing rats in her apartment was one way to handle the loneliness, but the addition of a new house guest – the Pillowman – is pushing her over the edge… or maybe out the door? Come take a tour through one woman’s colorful despair, complete with rodent a cappella.

Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales

Journey into the Appalachian Mountains in this award-winning musical that deftly weaves traditional tales and original music into a keepsake quilt of mountain lore and wisdom for the whole family.

Sing Down the Moon is a lovely synthesis of music, storytelling, dance, and puppetry: a production that excited the imagination and stirs the soul. These richly textured southern tales are told with humor and lyric beauty, telling the tales of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Cinderella,” and “The Three Little Pigs” with old-time southern music and Appalachian flair.


“Sisu” is a Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Scars tells the story of Lissa Sears as she embodies “sisu” and takes you on her moving life journey told through pictures. This moving storytelling experience filled with audience interaction is sure to bring laughs, tears, and flat out love.

React Presents: Love Over Dose

Alex’s sister Riley is dead of an accidental overdose, and Alex is all alone in the hospital bathroom with a bottle of Riley’s pills. Alex must decide what path to go down: take the pills and follow Riley? Take the pills and numb the pain? Or find a different path? Through memories, movement, and a compelling story by the creative team at React, a cast of six teen actors bring a story of love and loss to life.

QAnon The Musical!

A musical, satirical look at the far-right political conspiracy movement. Have friends or family members who believe this stuff? Of course you do! Come join in the catharsis as Un5gettable tackles a live Truth Team episode about the exciting, bananas-insane world of QAnon!

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