Theatre / Drama

4B – Three 2 One

An absurdist romantic comedy about pulling yourself together by past DivaFest playwright, Mary Karty and produced by MK Productions.

3H – Thank You, Places

In the dressing room of a run-down dinner theatre, two temperamental actors make a pact to follow their dreams as their show’s 20-year run comes to an end.

3D – Mush

A Father and Son clash over how to treat one another in this small-cast drama.

2A – The Dice Player

A highly theatrical, time-traveling adventure inspired by one of the most praised Arabic poems, Mahmoud Darwish’s “the dice player”

1I – A Monster Calls

A heartbreaking tale of 13-year-old Connor O’Malley, who finds himself reaching for a hand he can never grasp with a monster in the shape of a yew tree calling to him from his bedroom window.

1E – Angel on Eros

A gay Hispanic painter immortalizes a young restaurant owner, unleashing drama, passion, and the question of what price they are willing to pay to satisfy their yearnings.

1D – Between Trains

This new play with music asks what happens when you have an opportunity to make a choice. Presented by Indiana Drama Club for the 2023 IndyFringe Festival

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