HighSchool Festival 2019 - October 4-5-6

All correspondence will be sent to this person. Only the Primary Contact is authorized to submit or make changes to company information. The Primary Contact for a company cannot be changed after this application is submitted. PLEASE NOTE : As Primary Contact, you are solely responsible for all communication between the festival and your company, including forwarding all appropriate information to the publicity and technical people in your company. IndyFringe sends all performers info and updates by e-mail. We highly recommend that all companies have an e-mail address that is checked frequently and that can handle attachments. The Secondary Contact is for emergencies only and may not be the Primary or Secondary Contact on another application.
An updated description for the IndyFringe Program will be requested later.
Groups will be allowed to revise warning list at a later date.
An additional tech form will be made available to provide more detailed information. Each group will receive a two hour time slot to be used as a technical rehearsal in advance of the festival. Groups will not receive additional time. All venues are set up with basic sound and lighting, one technician, and audience seating. Please note: not all spaces can accommodate storage of props or set elements - please plan accordingly. All groups are expected to be able to set up and strike their shows in 10 minutes or less. IndyFringe reserves the right to limit the size, type, or number of set elements, props, or costumes a group may use or store if they are likely to create timing or safety issues. IndyFringe reserves the right to ban certain elements including but not limited to: stage blood, fire, overhead rigging, glitter,confetti, dirt, loose feathers, food, water, paint, and glue. IndyFringe reserves the right to ban elements not discussed with the Technical Director in advance of the festival.
Juried Festival : An application fee of $250 is required. Make check payable to IndyFringe. Mail to IndyFringe, PO Box 44121, Indianapolis, IN, 46244 Information: 317 308 9800 Force Majeur: While the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival will schedule 3 performance times for each company, if performances are delayed or interrupted by an act of God, fire, flood, war, public disaster, strikes or labor difficulties, governmental enactment, regulation or order, or any other cause beyond the control of the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival, IndyFringe shall not be liable for any lost revenues or performance times. Signed Agreement: If your company is accepted into High School Play Festival this application will be considered a signed agreement between you and the Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival. The Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival reserves the right to cancel any performances of companies not adhering to this agreement. ALL PERFORMERS must individually sign a waiver of liability form and provide a signed copy to the IndyFringe office. Signed liability forms for all performers must be provided to the festival office before the Festival commences. One person from each company must be designated as the person solely responsible for collecting box office revenue. This person or the producing company (if applicable) must also fill out a W9 tax form prior to their first performance.
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