About Our Internships

Every spring (February - May), summer (June - August) and fall (October - January), we offer opportunities for college or post-college students interested in arts administration, event management and promotions-related internship opportunities.

Because IndyFringe is a small organization, interns typically receive more responsibility than at many similar internships. This creates an incredible opportunity, as well as real-life, resume-worthy professional work. Our interns have a significant impact on our organization.

Internships fall into two categories: Event Management and Marketing.

Event Management interns take an active, hands-on role in the preparation for and running of the IndyFringe Festival, as well as in running various events in our two theatres.

Marketing interns promote the fringe festival and other events through both new and established media. They receive extensive experience in emerging social media and blogs, as well as in writing e-newsletters, news releases and public relations with local television, newspapers and radio.