April 12/13/14/15 and April 19/20/21

IndyFringe Basile and Indy Eleven Theatres.


Dear Mavis

Playwright: Enid Cokinos A one-act comedy about an aging advice columnist who is inspired by “Miss Manners”. When a just-out-of-college editor takes over the newspaper and implements changes in every department, Mavis is teamed up with a twenty-something blogger to write a brand-new column. What could go wrong?


Warnings: Ages 12 and up, parental guidance suggested



"In the Presence of My Enemies" 

Playwright: June McCarty Clair

Sarah’s husband Frank has died unexpectedly, leaving Sarah badly in debt. Frank’s relatives pressure Sarah to assume a large debt for a proper funeral, and Sarah is torn between honoring his family’s wishes and financial practicality. Family secrets and Frank’s true wishes are revealed, and Sarah develops new strength and resilience. 

Genre:Dark comedy




Who’s Minding the Snapper?

Playwright:  Kate Duffy Sim

On a remote Irish Island, two priests caring for an “illegitimate” baby find themselves on shaky theological ground and in new and bewildering maternal roles. Can Sean Connery save the day? Cross-gender casting satirizes stereotypes, and the show features a local rap artist. Performed by Clerical Error Productions.

Genre: Comedy

Warnings: PG 13 – some innuendo




Playwright: Megan Ann Jacobs

The muse of comedy, Sebastian, is melancholy, and he wants everyone to know it. In his grief, he terrorizes everyone who draws near successfully. Until Nikki. The battle for mastery of the apartment escalates, as a well-intentioned fiancé, over-bearing landlord, and good old-fashioned police involvement join the fray.

Genre:Dramatic Comedy




Physical Education

Playwright:  Maripat Allen

Young college students, Mike and Becka, are in love and want to get married, but their parents disapprove. Little do they know that Mike’s mother  is having an affair with his roommate, that this roommate is Becka’s brother, and that their father is the professor Mike’s mother is investigating, regarding a sex scandal with a student.  Love and innocence collide with vanity and hypocrisy when all meet for a parent student dinner in this Me Too era sex farce.

Genre:  comedy (farce)

Warnings:  mild adult situations



"I Say Tomato, You Say Cheese" 

Playwright: MaryAnne Mathews

"I Say Tomato, You Say Cheese" is a funny, bittersweet look at an elderly widower fighting to remain independent as his cognitive abilities are declining. His daughter juggles taking care of him with her job and family, and has to find a solution when a crisis occurs.

Genre: Comedy

Age recommended 12 and over.



Booby Prize

Heather Carver

This original, one woman shows features the autobiographical journey of a breast cancer survivor. Facing her own mortality at the age of 37, Heather Carver found strength in the clowning career she began two decades earlier. The performance shows that comedy and cancer can and must co-exist as a survival tool.

Genre: Comedy

No warnings 



This year at DivaFest, we are thrilled to see two plays in development. Fan Me, Lord, a comedy with serious bits, is being written by Ramla Bandele and is at the stage where the playwright needs to hear it all the way through.  Toilet Talks, a semi-autobiographical play by Liz Thomsen about a mother and daughter, has had a table read, and is now reading for a staged reading.   Audiences will get to experience the journey not only of the characters but also of the plays themselves as they move through the development process.  Each play considers the life experience and showcase voices not often heard.