Our Partnerships

IndyFringe believes that creativity, collaboration and collective success go hand-in-hand. 

So we partner with creative enterprises the Writer’s Center of Indiana, and other local performers and groups. Working together, we host and produce original works, experimental theatre, solo performances, poetry, storytelling nights and more.

We partner with community and government entities, including Visit Indy, Riley Area Development and Downtown Indy, to increase local tourism, grow our leisure-tourism audience and broadcast the appeal of “dinner and show” on Mass Ave, and build on Indianapolis’ burgeoning national reputation as a destination.

We partner with businesses, and are especially proud of our relationship with the Indy Eleven Professional Soccer Team, proud sponsor of the Indy Eleven Theatre. The team holds monthly supporter rallies and events in the Theatre, introducing an internationally-diverse, soccer-loving audience to the opportunities of IndyFringe.

We partner with educational institutions, from our local elementary school, IPS School of Enquiry #2, to public and private high schools, to regional colleges and universities, including
Ball State University, Butler University, Indiana University, IUPUI, and Anderson and Hanover Colleges.

IndyFringe values inclusiveness.  Through our partnerships, we give a platform, a voice and a safe space to performers and audiences regardless of race, ethnicity, physical or mental challenges, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.