This post is used to manage the performances at Indy Fringe, both at their venue throughout the year and during the festivals.

Francesca twerks in a red nose in VILE

VILE – Show 214

Pizza, Disaster, Butthole! VILE is a funny, surprising, disgusting, and tender clown-and-bouffon-driven exploration of muddling through depression, surviving rape culture, and drowning in modernity.

Unrested Spirits haunt this image

Unrested Spirits – Show 512

A journey through Errol’s contact with unrested spirits – from a ghost panther at scout camp in Mississippi to a frightening night in an asylum in Illinois.

Lightning and Fire as you travel across time in Time Car

Time Car – Show 111

Meet Marty McFly. He’s broken the time barrier. Busted his parents’ first date. And, maybe, botched his chances of ever being born. He’s from the future, and he has to get back to it in Time Car!

Dancers present a movement from Through the Pulse of Memory

Through the Pulse of Memory – Show 412

Through contemporary modern dance and beautifully integrated film, “Through the Pulse of Memory” invites audiences to contemplate the power of oral tradition and storytelling in defining personal identity, reminding us of how the body and heart remember.

Travis Ables hides from a monster in the things I hide from dad

The Things I Hide From Dad – Show 411

Raised in his father’s doomsday cult, twelve-year-old Travis believes the mere thought of sex might trigger a nuclear apocalypse. But he just can’t shake these… feelings he’s been having in The Things I Hide From Dad

The Sleepover – Show 109

Five girls just graduating middle school have a sleepover together where they have to look the reality of growing up in the face.

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