A Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley Tribute: A live re-creation of their seminal 1962 album

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Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley Tribute
Ball State Faculty Jazz Professors with vocalist Akili McDuffey
More about the show, the band, and the vocalist

In my opinion Nancy Wilson defines the role of singer/stylist in a jazz setting. Cannonball first heard her in Nancy’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio. 

This album features Nat Adderley on cornet, Joe Zawinul (first time recording with Cannonball) on piano, Sam Jones on bass and, Louis Hayes on drums. 

This was originally a quintet recording with a vocalist. I tried to find accurate transcriptions of the songs but only ended up getting frustrated at what I found. 

Because of this I transcribed practically the whole album and rearranged it adding a trombone and guitar to the standard instrumentation.

You will experience some of the area’s best players with Amanda Gardier (sax), Freddie Mendoza (trombone), Scott Routenberg (piano), Nick Tucker (bass), Joel Tucker (guitar), Cassius Goens (drums) and the incredible Akili McDuffy on vocals.


Mark Buselli (arranger, bandleader, trumpet)

About Akili McDuffey

McDuffey fronted for the Avenue Indy Jazz Quintet and the Midcoast Swing Orchestra Summertime concerts.  Audience members described her as “Harmonically imaginative“      “Soft but gritty”     “Wistful and silky smooth.” 


“Akili breathes new life into the vocals of Ella Fitzgerald and Nancy Wilson

with a voice that transports you to another time and place.”