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A silver mask and a ballot box set the mood of Gabrielle Patterson's "Your Love Will Be Judged."

Your Love Will Be Judged by Gabrielle Patterson

Six jurors residing in a world where divorce is only an option if a jury of your peers says so is quite the challenge when everyone has vastly different opinions about love and marriage.

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Women’s Work

Nursing. Teaching. Answering the phones. Raising children. You know, women’s work. All while trying to make a dollar out of 83 cents. This play shows the evolution of complexities women face as they navigate external and internal challenges from their first day on the job to the start of retirement, and explores how these stories shape the next generation of women at work. This original piece by Alicia LaMagdeleine also includes musical accompaniment by guitarist Dave Pelsue.

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When Jesus Divorced Me

She was married to the man of her dreams. Shortly after her wedding, he gets cast at a theme park where he either plays Jesus or crucifies him every day at 3. She tries to be proud of her husband in this new endeavor, until a princess from a neighboring theme park comes into the picture and she realizes something is amiss. Now, she is left with the weird and funny aftermath.

This musical storytelling show asks: When a theme park Jesus leaves you for a theme park princess, what do you do next?

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What Could Go Wrong?

“You’ll laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll demand a Refund! But what you’ll hear during my monologues is real.” – David Vass What Could Go Wrong? The musings of an eccentric recontour who happened to be in the right places at the right times. What Could Go Wrong is a look back at a career that included politics, celebrities, sex, strippers, funny and horrific moments, more sex, and nearly the entire history of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Type Cast

60-minutes of never been seen and never to be seen again. Type Cast will create poetry and comedic scenes based on audience suggestions. Local poets and improvisers take the stage. They get a one-word suggestion from the audience. The poets take to their typewriters and write a poem based on that suggestion while the improvisers create a scene using that same suggestion. At the end of the scene, the poets will recite their poems to the audience. The improvisers then bring those poems to life in another improvised scene. Hilarity ensues.

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One couple’s journey from bliss to battery. Why do women stay? And is there such a thing as a. “reformed abuser?”

Richard and Michelle have been madly in love since high school. Now, married and in their 40’s, their perfect picture begins to unravel right before your eyes. Michelle wants for nothing but Richard’s love, but Richard wants EVERYTHING! And he wants it HIS WAY!

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Tortillo! 3: Sombrero’s Revenge

Catalyst Repertory’s crass, slap-stick comedy, snack food sitcom returns to IndyFringe for its final (we hope) installment.

You aren’t going to believe this, but somehow there’s cocaine in the chips again… again. When the notorious drug-lord “Sombrero,” returns, the gang all turns their blame on known snack villain and former intern, Patrick. Only this time, Patrick is innocent, and a bit preoccupied… in love. So, who’s wearing the big hat?

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Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

Experience the fourth year of a new rendition of 24 Unique Micro-Plays in 48 minutes! The evening promises an emotional and intellectual rollercoaster of ideas, absurdity, and comedy at breakneck speed as dictated by the audience! Journey through Italian futurism with slices of Dada, Surrealism, Brecht, Happenings, Grotowski, and Boal all thrown in. It’s a different show every night and if they do not complete the plays within 48 minutes each audience member receives a treat!

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The Winter's Tale Bear Logo

The Winters Tale: Presented by Agape Theatre Company

A Shakespearean Masterpiece, showing the ways that tyranny can give way to forgiveness and compassion. Presented by Agape Theatre Company.

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The Reluctant Mind Reader

Popular Magician and Mind Reader, Brendon Ware, returns to IndyFringe with his energetic comedy and Mind Reading show, The Reluctant Mind Reader. This interactive show is sure to make you laugh and make you wonder… what’s it like when you know everything?!

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The Real Black Swan Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen

The Real Black Swan… is the true story of William Dorsey Swann, a former slave who became the Queen of Drag in the late 1800s. She became the first gay rights activist and one of the first civil rights activists.

This one-actor historical drag show strikes the perfect balance of historical and personal and it does so with a lot of heart.

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The Princess Strikes Back: One Woman’s Search for the Space Cowboy of Her Dreams

“I was Princess Leia, the most badass force-sensitive being in the galaxy! And I wanted Han Solo: tight pants, big blaster…” – Victoria Montalbano

In 1977, 13-year-old Victoria Montalbano was introduced to her perfect man, Han Solo, and she’s been looking for him ever since. In this solo comedy show called “delightful” and “highly energetic” by Around the Town: Chicago, watch as she grows from awkward theatre kid to professional out-of-work actress while swiping her way through a galaxy far, far away!

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The North Wing: An Original Musical Comedy

This original parody musical dives into the political inner-workings of Santa’s workshop.

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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

A small ensemble of actors and musicians bring the story of Edward Tulane to life, as he discovers the power of love and friendship.

Edward Tulane is a toy rabbit made of china. He is loved by a little girl named Abilene, with whom he is crossing the sea. Edward gets tossed over board and begins a journey that leads him to a grieving family, hobo hopping twins, and an ill girl and her brother, all on a quest to understand the importance of all kinds of love.

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The Longest Dinner

The Longest Dinner

The beloved Fall Fundraiser is back! Proceeds from this annual dinner party featuring pop-up performances between courses supports the IndyFringe Theatre Festival.

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The Jester of All Maladies

IndyFringe vet, Kurt Fitzpatrick, was diagnosed with cancer in December 2019. Boo! He got through it with a bunch of chemo, stimulating immunotherapy, heaps of Facebook love, and a generous supply of Fig Newtons. Join Kurt as he shares his comically inspiration tale and sobering adventures of getting through… the C-word. From the creator of “Cathedral City”

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The Barn Identity

Erika MacDonald is NOT AN AMNESIAC SPECIAL FORCES AGENT!!! But she is a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING internationally touring solo performer who became obsessed with falling-down barns after a movie she saw put her in the Emergency Room. The Barn Identity is an entertaining, funny, and moving storytelling spectacle.

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The Ballad of Blade Stallion

A disgraced bounty hunter on the edges of space takes on his most challenging task: baby-sitting. In an origin story of epic proportions, Blade Stallion fights for freedom, love, and a chance to restore his honor through the medium of comedy.

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Taylor Martin’s INDY MAGIC presents THE SESSION

Have you ever wondered how magicians learn and create new magic tricks?

Taylor Martin’s Indy Magic dives into the world of a magician “session” in which four of Indy’s best and brightest magicians sit down together to teach, to learn, and to experiment. Watch as brand new magic is created right before your eyes.

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Sweet Dreams, Pillowman

Monique has got to get out! Befriending the singing rats in her apartment was one way to handle the loneliness, but the addition of a new house guest – the Pillowman – is pushing her over the edge… or maybe out the door? Come take a tour through one woman’s colorful despair, complete with rodent a cappella.

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Spontaneous Tales of Science-Fiction

A completely improvised sci-fi romp takes the audience on an adventure that’s out of this world!

Spontaneous tales captures the wonder of science fiction through entirely improvised stories. Anything can happen from high orbit hijinks to cyber punk shenanigans. A guest will give a short monologue to help the performers get started, but what happens next is anyone’s guess!

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Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales

Journey into the Appalachian Mountains in this award-winning musical that deftly weaves traditional tales and original music into a keepsake quilt of mountain lore and wisdom for the whole family.

Sing Down the Moon is a lovely synthesis of music, storytelling, dance, and puppetry: a production that excited the imagination and stirs the soul. These richly textured southern tales are told with humor and lyric beauty, telling the tales of “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Cinderella,” and “The Three Little Pigs” with old-time southern music and Appalachian flair.

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Finding love is hard. Finding love when you’re old is harder. Finding love when you’re old and transgender? (spoiler alert; you don’t).

Welcome to the shMILF Life. This hilarious and touching storytelling show from Penny Sterling takes you on a journey through the pitfalls of dating from the fringe.

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Ship of Dreams

A group of friends attempt to cross an ocean of impossibility when they set out to stage James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece ‘Titanic’ in under an hour. Performed by 6 comedians with 2 overhead projectors and an embarrassingly low budget. Will they succeed or will they be lost at sea?

Ship of Dreams is a parody clown show for cinema nerds and pop culture nuts.

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Schoolhouse Rock Logo

Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. – from Agape Theater Company

The Emmy Award-winning Saturday morning educational cartoon series is not only making an incredible small-screen comeback, it’s the basis for one of the most fun, energetic musicals ever to hit the stage!

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“Sisu” is a Finnish term that can be roughly translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. Scars tells the story of Lissa Sears as she embodies “sisu” and takes you on her moving life journey told through pictures. This moving storytelling experience filled with audience interaction is sure to bring laughs, tears, and flat out love.

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Sadec 1965: A Love Story

After finding out that her estranged father has cancer, Flora goes on a 6-week solo motorcycle trip through his homeland of Vietnam to make sense of her difficult relationship with him. Her search for answers takes her on an incredible journey allowing her memories to take on a new meaning. Sadec 1965 is a 60-minute solo storytelling show best described as “Motorcycle Diaries” meets “Eat, Pray, Love” set in Vietnam. Don’t miss this exciting road trip story about a young woman and her deep hero’s journey.

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Ron Popp is a Responsible Adult

Award-winning gay comedian, Ron Popp, returns to IndyFringe one last time!

Ron Popp returns to IndyFringe once again with his fractured take on life growing up in small town Indiana, trying to lose pandemic weight, and touring as a comedian. Don’t miss this hilarious lesson in how to not take life too seriously.

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React Presents: Love Over Dose

Alex’s sister Riley is dead of an accidental overdose, and Alex is all alone in the hospital bathroom with a bottle of Riley’s pills. Alex must decide what path to go down: take the pills and follow Riley? Take the pills and numb the pain? Or find a different path? Through memories, movement, and a compelling story by the creative team at React, a cast of six teen actors bring a story of love and loss to life.

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QAnon The Musical!

A musical, satirical look at the far-right political conspiracy movement. Have friends or family members who believe this stuff? Of course you do! Come join in the catharsis as Un5gettable tackles a live Truth Team episode about the exciting, bananas-insane world of QAnon!

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Black Power and a Collage of Black Voices

Police State by Rain Wilson

Amadi, an unarmed black man, loses his life at the hands of a white cop, an act that galvanizes the community and takes his family on a journey that threatens to tear apart the love that held them together.

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Play by Play: Tiny Little Plays by Mark Harvey Levine

A collection of tiny little plays featuring psychics, fish, romance, nanobots, wishes, and the Loch Ness Monster, all set within the framework of a sports broadcast.

There’s comedy, drama, and science fiction in these short plays by award-winning, internationally produced playwright, Mark Harvey Levine, and produced by IndyFringe favorites, Clerical Error Productions.

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In this lyrical, atmospheric interpretation of Peter Pan, Jeremy Bloom strips the familiar story down to its emotional essence. Peter lures Wendy away from her nursery to the magical world of Neverland, where she joins his adventures with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the menacing Captain Hook. An inventive adaptation that pays homage to the darker themes of J.M. Barie’s original story, Peter/Wendy will mesmerize audiences of all ages.

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Panel Show

Comedian, Mark Cashwell, hosts a team of 4 local comedians to play improvised versions of your favorite British Panel Shows!

Banter and wit reign supreme. You will laugh, you will learn, and you will be hooked to find the real version of the games on YouTube! Horrible accents optional, but highly encouraged!

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Oh Look It’s Magic! ADHD Advocacy Magic Show

Having ADHD can be madness! With the help of magic, Jordan Allen will tell you how he has found to navigate the madness. Oh Look It’s Magic is one of the first and only ADHD advocacy magic shows which aims to entertain & educate. Written & performed by an ADHD performer! There is something for everyone – magic, comedy storytelling & fun.

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Julia VanderVeen in My Grandmother's Eyepatch

My Grandmother’s Eyepatch

What would people say at your memorial service?

Join clown and comedian, Julia VanderVeen, as she finds the perfect way to honor her beloved Grandma Mamie, trying everything from song and dance to playing characters from her grandmother’s past. In what the Hartford Courant called, “A solo tour de force… A willfully bizarre, comic, ironic, quietly hysterical succession of sketches, characters, and aphorisms” it’s not clear if Mamie’s memory is ever actually honored, but you are sure to laugh and enjoy the ride along the way.

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Mr Yunioshi

Mr. Yunioshi

Mickey Rooney’s infamous performance as Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is often pointed to as the most egregious example of yellow face in the movies.

His over the top characterization is cringeworthy to watch to this day, but it also raises several questions: Should actors really have the opportunity to play any role? Could there ever have been a “right” way for him to play it? What compels an actor to play a character that they really probably shouldn’t be playing?

Asian-American writer/performer, J. Elijah Cho, attempts to explore these topics and more in his show, Mr. Yunioshi.

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Motown Forever

Experience the timeless sounds of Motown in this joyous R&B concert from Frederic & Ronza

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Miss Cast

We’ve all been there… blaring out a favorite song in our cars that we would never actually get the chance to sing on stage. In this show, the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus says “sayonara” to convention as we cast ourselves in roles and songs that we’ve always loved but have never had the chance to actually do. From Shania Twain to Lizzo, and from Lady Gaga to Dolly Parton, put on your best pair of pumps and join us for this gender-bending romp through music traditionally performed by women, reimagined by the Indiana Men’s Chorus.

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“Janoah…anygoodjokes?” juggles several tasks simultaneously: performing & teaching! During this (optionally interactive) performance YOU learn to juggle while you watch. Between facts, Janoah engagingly guides you through the essentials: throwing, bathing, and messy-ing up!

Precarious unicycle pathways, shimmering puppetry, jaw-dropping juggling, mesmerizing motions… Janoah tosses together art forms to tell a tale of learning & labor, emerging ecstatically from a haphazard pile of props.

And (of course!) what circus would be complete without popcorn & banana peels?

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Meatballs and Music

In this story of resilience, hope, and forgiveness, Tom Sweitzer revisits his colorful, intense, and humorous childhood in the 1970’s. With a Schizophrenic father and a dying mother, it’s his Sunday schoolteacher who saves his life through music.

This moving one man drama aspires to bring hope and light to the world.

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Playwright Charla Booth and the Heart of Africa

Majesties by Charla Booth

Three Black women, each from a different generation, must face the realities of their lives as they journey towards healing.

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LeLand Loves Bigfoot

“Would you go into the woods with a stranger from small town Kentucky to find Bigfoot? I did.” – Stewart Huff

A liberal hippie (Huff) goes into the woods with a Republican Redneck to find Bigfoot in this one person comedy show written and performed by Stewart Huff.

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Lady Bits Comedy show

Lady Bits Comedy Show: Funny-Ass Women

LadyBits! A comedy variety show featuring funny-ass women. Get your tickets before this must-see comedy event sells out… again!

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Jon Bennett: Fire in the Meth Lab

Renowned Australian storyteller, Jon Bennett, tells the amazingly sordid and bizarre story of his brother’s life. A sometimes shocking and chaotic tale, Bennett recounts his brother’s experiences with both charismatic hilarity and heart-warming, poignant reflection.

Fire in the Meth Lab tells of drug dealers, bikers, high-speed car chases, fights, crime, prison, vomit, exploding houses, and even cancer. The show explores brotherly relationships and how siblings with the same upbringing can choose very separate paths.

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Jewel Box Revue 2022

A Tribute to a legendary drag troupe that elevated drag as an art form and entertained audiences throughout America during the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

A glamorous drag show with drag queens and a drag king, featuring live vocals and dancing. This LGBTQ+ Cabaret pays tribute to one of the country’s first drag sensations: The Jewel Box Revue, a professional drag troupe that toured the country during the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, performing primarily for straight audiences. Don’t miss this high-energy music and dance performance showcasing one of America’s first LGBTQ+ Communities.

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Indyprov Presents: Our Favorite Fringe Artists

You’ve seen your favorites shine in their element. We’re giving them a chance to shine in ours! We’ve invited some of our favorite Fringe performers to share the stage with us for some improv. Every show features different guests!

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In The Company Of Women

In the Company of Women is a collection of original dance works inspired by influential women in history, pop culture, and our daily lives. Performing to a variety of music genres, Crossroads Dance Indy celebrates the stories of Jane Goodall, Julia Child, Nina Simone, and more.

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Human interaction and emotion through movement.

II. is a modern contemporary dance performance; an abstract representation of human connection, different emotions, and self-discovery through modern dance movement and set to experimental classical music. You’ll love this family-friendly dance concert celebrating black choreographers and self-discovery.

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Coming of Age Promo Photo

I Think We Are Supposed To Be ‘Coming Of Age’ By Now

This dance and live music show focuses on our ‘Coming of Age’ stories by navigating youthful angst, sexuality, and gender dysphoria in a way that is truly punk in nature. Society wants us to grow up and ‘Come of Age’ in a specific manner. We combat this pressure by wearing bright makeup, light up shoes, blanket capes, high heels, etc. Along with the social commentary on the mid youth identity crisis, we have created a space where people want to bounce and groove with us. This show pushes the boundaries of what contemporary dance can be when set to head banging alternative music. There is something for everyone as these dances flow between head banging punk, sweeping ballroom, subtle sultry, and revival rock.

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How Do You Read Me?

America in 2022 is awash with buzzwords and assumptions about who someone is based on labels and learned prejudices. In How Do You Read Me, storytellers Howard Lieberman and Loren Niemi look to their experience of the assumptions we make about others with intimate and revealing stories that are by turns insightful and humorous while questioning the assumptions of what it means to be “other” in America.

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Homeless: Grateful for any help - the headshot of Michael Florence

Houseless not Homeless by Michael Florence

Houseless not Homeless follows the stories of five ordinary people living under extraordinary circumstances, how they became houseless, and the trials and celebrations of their every-day lives.

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True love always returns.

This heartfelt story told through dance follows the lives of two characters who can’t quite find the right time to be together. Hope is a theatrical dance concert that includes contemporary jazz, ballet, modern, lyrical, hip hop, ballroom, belly dance, and pantomime.

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IndyFringe Holiday Party

Protected: Holiday Hijinks Party – 2022

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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High Functioning

High Functioning: A comedy revue on life as a late-diagnosed autistic adult female. This one woman show written by Abby Chew about life as an autistic adult mixes sketch comedy, stand-up and musical numbers.

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ALT presents: Heroes of the Fourth Turning by Will Arbery

Heroes of the Fourth Turning

On a chilly night in Wyoming, four young conservatives reckon with one another’s differences and try to face a country that is at war with itself in this thrilling drama from American Lives Theatre.

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Unknown a stand-up comedy show by Griffin Sciarra

Griffin Sciarra: Unknown – A Stand-Up Live Show

Touring Fringe performer, Griffin Sciarra, takes on… himself! This feel-good stand-up act addresses Griffin’s past year with honesty and humor as he bounces through a string of increasingly odd jobs.

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Gray Pride

Experience the unexpectedly joyful story of Norman Lasiter’s life in the theatre, during a particularly difficult period for gay men, and his celebrated return home to Indiana. Through a mix of broadway, pop, Great American songbook, and original music written by friends from SNL, you will enjoy a full range of emotions as you learn Norman Lasiter’s story through beloved song. Arranged beautifully, uniquely, and thoughtfully, by renowned music director Christopher Marlowe.

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Gloria Mundi

When Gloria is visited by an angel of God with news of the second Messiah, she’s convinced she has a second chance at motherhood. but her friend Jody thinks she’s invented a lie to cover up the fact that she’s using again. As the truth unravels, Gloria must wrestle with the demons of her past, Jody must reconcile the specters of his future, and both must confront the very real threat of Harold, Gloria’s recovery counselor. Gloria Mundi takes the audience on an emotional journey that captures the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

Awarded Best Full-Length Play by KCACTF Region 3 and Grand Prize Winner of the the Emerging ArtistNew Play Festival at the Renaissance Theatre/Theatre 166, 2022-2023. This 60-minute drama is Getting Out, meets Angels in America, meets an unforgettable story that fills you with equal parts dread and hope for tomorrow.

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Glad Libs with your Hostess Jan Shirley Ann

It’s a game show where the audience members are the contestants. You’ll laugh at the hostess and YOURSELF during this fusion of Stand-Up Comedy, Improv, and Sketch.

This comedy show with big Steve Harvey Family Feud vibes will prove that you, yes you, are hilarious.

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Fret Knot

Fret Knot is a feel-good storytelling variety show featuring original music and sketch comedy. In this two-woman show, Lizzie Kaniecki and Madeline Wilson explore the importance of finding the joy and human amidst the trials and tribulations of everyday life, using a ukulele, a guitar, and some real silly interludes. Things may be weird, but Fret Knot, we’re gonna laugh about it.

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Fly Blackbird Fly/Voices We Can’t Unhear

Fly Blackbird Fly/Voices We Can’t Unhear is a choreopoem recounting impactful and traumatic experiences of several women. Though they never considered or attempted suicide, each woman is at her breaking point and desperately wants to escape. Storytelling & therapy sessions, ultimately bring them to a place of healing/freedom.

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ExperiMENTAL is an interactive mind-reading experience that will twist your reality in the most delightful way! Steven knows what you’re thinking, and he’s happy to prove it to you. After seven consecutive sold-out performances, ExperiMental won the “Patrons’ Pick” at the 2021 Orlando Fringe.

You’ll be mesmerized by this incredible magic show as you discover amazing abilities you never thought you might possess. Bring a secret, bring a friend, and bring an open mind to a most unusual entertainment experience.

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Drew Stroud: Exhausted Paint the Death of Van Gogh

Exhausted Paint: The Death of Van Gogh

This energetic 70-minute drama explores the life and death of the world’s most famous painter, and has an improvised scene structure.

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Exes & Embryos: A Comedy by Mandee McKelvey

Infertility, miscarriage, and abortion aren’t exactly a barrel of laughs… unless you hear Mandee tell it. Stand-up comedian and IndyFringe’s own Underdog Award recipient, Mandee McKelvey, is back with her new one-woman show that is packed with punchlines and heart where you’d least expect it. Exes & Embryos is an irreverent story that begins with one friend offering another her last frozen embryo… and ends with two women risking it all to live their dreams.

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Doghouse Moon

Watch as life’s most absurd personalities intersect at the crossroads of dystopia and spacetopia, in an intimate yet epic rock’n’roll battle for the future of earth itself.

Doghouse Moon is the sci-fi rock opera from Matt McDonald and local band, Camp Culture.

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Deadpan Jan: My Life is Not a Sex Party Or Is it?

Jan Gudaitis, aka, Deadpan Jan, ironically brings life to this comedy show with her wild imagination and off-beat writing. Go on a hilarious joyride to unexpected places as she shares stories from her marginalized life with her husband to inviting the audience to a “Sex Party” at her house along with Mark Twain and Sherlock Holmes. Come find out why Gudaitis is defined as “A Sex Party” in Urban Dictionary, and why this is a show you won’t forget.

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Dance Kaleidoscope: Vinyl Vision

DK dancers-turned choreographers have created new works that make memory and emotion come to life with dance that is nostalgic, heartwarming, and whimsical. Songs from Billie Holiday, Labrinth, and Simon & Garfunkel will take you back and forth through time with movement that is incredibly entertaining and creative.

DK is thrilled to present Vinyl Vision and cannot wait for you to experience what their emerging choreographers see when they hear music from distinct decades. Turns out, it’s an eclectic collection of vinyl ranging from 1910 to 2020.

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Brad Hinshaw brings Dadbod back to IndyFringe to share his updated experiences on being a husband, father, fool, and calorie consumer.

Dadbod is a lighthearted and earnest stand-up comedy performance by Brad Hinshaw, a husband and father that, at the end of the day, is just trying to do the right thing. With a lot of cuss words. A lot.

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Breakneck Comedy of Errors

This one man Comedy of Errors finds Tim Mooney taking on THIRTEEN different characters, including FOUR PAIRS of twins! (He threw in two extra sets of twins just to up the challenge.) Tim explains, “it’s a play about mistaken identity with all of the identities being played by the same person. My challenge was to make sense of all of this in a way that the audience would immediately grasp the evolving situation, but still feel the delight of puzzling through the criss-cross confusion”. Winner of “Best Overall Show” at the So Many Shakespeares Festival and named “Digital Shakespeare Production of the Year” (2022) by the Young-Howze Theatre Awards.

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Bigfoot Saves America

“It doesn’t matter if you believe in Bigfoot or not. Because Bigfoot believes in you AND America.”

In the summer of 1978, two FBI agents must track down Bigfoot in order to prevent the evil Mothman from taking over the United States. Thrills! Action! Romance! Will Bigfoot defeat Mothman? Will Bigfoot save his ex-wife in time? Can Bigfoot Save America?!

It’s a fistful of Action, Romance, and Cryptids.

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Beyond Ballet

Beyond Ballet is an eclectic and cutting-edge program that tests the limits of the Indianapolis Ballet Company dancers and what ballet can be. This mixed repertoire performance showcases both classical and contemporary works by IB Artistic Director, Victoria Lyras, Scott Jovovich, Kristin Toner, and Roberta Wong.

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Betsy Carmichael’s Hawaiian Luau BINGO

Aloha! It’s Hawaiian night at the BINGO Palace with Betsy Carmichael’s Hawaiian Luau BINGO. Betsy Carmichael, the Big BINGO Kahuna, is pulling out all the stops as she hosts another unforgettable night of BINGO. Grab your lucky trolls, grass skirts, and brush up on your limbo. All winners will get leid! Maholo. This is a fully interactive experience and Betsy’s 3rd return to IndyFringe.

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Bard Fest Header

Bard Fest Presents: The Merry Wives of Windsor

When Falstaff tries to con Mistress Ford and Mistress Page by sending identical love letters, they turn the tables and play an uproarious set of practical jokes on the knight.

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Bard Fest Presents: King Richard II

Performed with an all women and non binary cast, This incisive edit of a Shakespearean classic sets the political struggle of Richard II and Henry Bolingbroke in a women’s correctional facility.

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Ballet INitiative Presents: A Social Media Experience

Ballet INitiative presents a multi-genre dance concert curated by our community on social media. This show tells the story of Ballet INitiative and its mission of being inclusive, inspiring, and innovative. The company took to social media to include not only artists but audiences in order to create the show list. Along with fan favorites, the artists will also debut a new work each weekend of the festival. This show represents all that Ballet INitiative stands for as a company and how it interacts with the community.

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Amaze and Amuse

Amaze & Amuse: A Modern Day Magic Show

Amaze & Amuse is a modern-day magic show that incorporates comedy, audience participation, and mind-blowing magic. The show features comedy magician, Trino, and is perfect for families, date nights, or an outing with friends. Join Trino for this experience that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

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A Streetcar Named Desire - Poker Night by Thomas Hart Benton

A Streetcar Named Desire – Catalyst Repertory and Magic Thread Cabaret

A gritty and thrilling new take on a timeless American drama featuring a brand new score from Dustin Klein. A Streetcar Named Desire runs March 3-19 @ IndyFringe

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Vernon A. Williams - playwright

A Noise in the Attic by Vernon A. Williams

A suburban housewife struggles with a husband who is only married to his career… but something magical happens when she is asked to put an end to the annoying noise in the attic.

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A Magic Show with Jordan Rooks

A Magic Show with Jordan Rooks

A family-friendly magic show that will push the boundaries of magic!

Las Vegas magician, Jordan Rooks, has traveled to over 10 countries to perform his own unique style of magic. His new magic show puts an exciting twist on storytelling, illusions, escapes, and sleight of hand.

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90 Lies an Hour Promo Photo

90 Lies an Hour

90 Lies an Hour is a collection of hilarious tall-tales and other fiction from multi-award-winning humorist and storyteller, Paul Strickland. 90 Lies an Hour won BEST SOLO COMEDY at the Orland International Fringe Theatre Festival, an official ENCORE award at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and a Storytelling World Awards Honor.

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Maggie Sebald in Dog Park by Josie Gingrich

2022, 10-Minute Play Festival

An annual collaboration between IndyFringe and the Indiana Writers Center. 7 plays | 7 playwrights | 7 local theatre companies | 90 minutes

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Playwright Celeste Williams and poet Mari Evans

“Black is My Color” The Ethos of Mari Evans by Celeste Williams

Two women of different generations explore the experience of being a black woman through the words and wisdom of Mari Evans.

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