Jason Adams is a Goddamn Mind Reader

Some magicians will claim to be mind readers. Those guys are some Goddam fakes! Jason Adams, an honest to God, for real, mind reader will delve deep into your brain and pull out the best Goddamn magic show you've ever seen!

IndyFringe Talks: http://indyfringetalks.com/jason-adams-is-a-gd-mindreader/

Next Show

Next Show: 
Saturday Aug 25th, 3:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Aug 17th, 9:00PM
Saturday Aug 18th, 10:30PM
Sunday Aug 19th, 4:30PM
Tuesday Aug 21st, 7:30PM
Wednesday Aug 22nd, 6:00PM
Saturday Aug 25th, 3:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
Adult: $15, Senior Citizen/Student: $12, Under 12: $10



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