Produced by:
Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective and NoExit Performance

Internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer, and master teacher Gerry Trentham presents the award winning Yellow Scale, a cross disciplinary work of written/spoken poetic text, dance, human gesture, sound, music, and visual/media art. Yellow Scale is a section of Trentham's evening-length work Four Mad Humours - - which won a Toronto Dora Award (similar to the American Tony award) for performance in 2011.

COMMUTE is a new work that Gerry will create for all interested members of our community. The only prerequisites to be in the project is to be curious and to be human. Creating COMMUTE will be a dynamic, collaborative process in which Gerry will guide the participants to find physical, vocal and textual expression that he will craft into a cohesive whole. COMMUTE is a contemporary work about our contemporary time where it seems an interest in extremes and labels is separating citizens – in the USA and Canada and around the world. This work researches the means to commute (between the rural and urban, between cultures, between art forms, between skill levels, between poor and wealthy, between conservative and liberal mindsets.) It is a work for everyone.

Also, in the show will be a short piece by Lani Weissbach called "The Truth About Mr. Duffy" - a duet for two men, performed by Tanner Hronek, formerly of Dance Kaleidoscope and Lukas Schooler of NoExit Performance. The piece is a stark look at a modern man's struggle to accept and embrace himself as he is.

Movement Arts Collective (IMAC) and NoExit Performance are proud to present the first-annual OPEN Indy, from November 4-17. This year's resident artist, Gerry Trentham, is an internationally known director/performer based in Toronto and Artistic Director of lbs/sq”performance.

OPEN Indy (Original. Performance. Experiments. Now.) is a new short-term program for performers of all disciplines in the Indianapolis area that provides accessible, professional, and dynamic training opportunities on an annual basis. Each year, OPEN Indy will provide workshops and performances with a master guest artist who is doing cutting edge, cross-disciplinary work.
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Recommended 16+

Next Show

Next Show: 
Saturday Nov 17th, 8:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Nov 16th, 8:00PM
Saturday Nov 17th, 8:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
$20 adults/$15 seniors/$10 students Recommended 16+