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A History Tour Hijacked – Show 201

A singing tour guide gives a comedic tour of Washington DC until she gets hijacked by a mysterious passenger who may not be who she appears to be!
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UIndy Theatre Co. A pink typewriter

All in the Timing – Show 301

Five witty and absurd comedies that are All about the timing
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An Experiment. Four black chairs and one red chair.

An Experiment – Show 100

The Hunger Games meets Survivor in this experiment. A New play brought to you by University High School.
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Alisa Rosenthal (our Hnor student) stands against a yellow background in a burnt orange suite.

Big Honor Student Energy – Show 601

Big Honor Student Energy is a show for overachievers and the people who love them about a full adult who still gives off “is there extra credit?” vibes and her search to fit in.
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Blithe Spirit – Show 403

Blithe Spirit is a tale of wit and coincidence that marries supernatural elements with comedy all bundled up in the trappings of high society.
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Time Mooney Makes a Face in Breakneck Twelfth Night

Breakneck Twelfth Night – Show 202

Tim Mooney takes on Twelfth Night, Shakespeare’s most fun gender-bending play as a one-man mistaken-identity romp (complete with dirty jokes you probably didn’t notice when you read it back in high school)!
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The Camp Summer Xamp sign - eight camp counselors in a boat!

Camp Summer Camp – Show 101

It's the summer of 1984, and a group of rag-tag counselors rally to save their Canadian summer camp from the brink of closure armed with only love, laughter, and show-stopping choreography
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Elderly Baddies plot against Batman in Curses, Soiled Again!

Curses! Soiled Again! – Show 102

Batman? I have a purrrrfectly perfidious plan, hand me my walker! Curses! Soiled Again! Is a hilarious parody play from clerical error productions.
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Dragons And Dungeons: The Spiteful Bones – Show 405

Dragons and Dungeons is a high-energy role-playing adventure brought to life through improv and audience participation.
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Enjoy This EP: A Chamber Pop Play featuring Hannah Elizabeth Boswell and Zachariah Stonerock

Enjoy This EP – Show 302

Steven loves a good break-up album...except when it's about him… Enjoy This EP is a new hour-long musical from Paige Scott
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Enter LegLand. The distorted leg creatures gather.

Enter LegLand – Show 602

In this bizarre comedy show, enter a desert of lost words to witness distorted leg-creatures challenge the ever-watching free trial of a censor god.
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Polk and Quincy Adams stare longingly across from each other in this poster for foils and fornication

Foils & Fornication – Show 303

History will call them friends. Foils & Fornication is a farcical romp made to resonate with everyone- and if it doesn't, you were probably well-adjusted in high school.
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Gallery a Retrospective. Featuring Ryan Powell, Jay Hemphill, Eric Reiberg, and Michelle Wafford

Gallery: A Retrospective – Show 103

A play about the art of love and friendships. Gallery is a revival of Catalyst repertory's first play in an IndyFringe Festival
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Kyle B. Dekker in theatrical lighting for He-Man is the Devil.

He-Man is the Devil: A Satanic Panic Tale – Show 305

He-Man is the Devil is the true story of how childhood, fandom, and hope survived a childhood enveloped in crushing right-wing Christian ideology.
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History of the Women’s World Part 1 – Show 205

History of the Women's World is a sketch show about women, but strong enough for a man.
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A pre-teen horse girl holds a trophy behind her back. Her notebook paper is splattered with blood

Horse Girls – Show 105

Seven pre-teen horse girls descend into backstabbing mayhem when they hear a rumor that their stables are going to be sold and their beloved ponies might be turned to stew.
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How to Make Friends and Alienate Them – Show 306

A self-help seminar about how to make friends goes haywire after a clown fills in for the guest speaker.
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A baby's face in the clouds. Imminent Danger - by Louis Janeira

Imminent Danger – Show 504

In Imminent Danger, a woman describes her ordeal to protect her children from legally-mandated harm.
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A painting pf three dead rabbits set the stage for Jo Vignola's it looked as if they had never been here

It looked as if they had never been here – Show 506

It looked as if they had never been here is a moving performing arts installation. In a distorted landscape, a trans*body tries to make sense of their own destructive pulsions, and how to deal with their transformation.
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Anne Truka sits at a typewriter as Jean.

Jean: A One-Person Play – Show 308

A solo show following Jean as they struggle through their writer's block. The only thing getting down on the page? Werewolf smut.
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The featured image for "lossed" is a black coffin surrounded by green and white flowers

Lossed – Show 309

Lossed is a goofy, poignant dark comedy that uses standup, video, and slideshow to illustrate one woman’s journey into begrudgingly embracing death’s place in her life.
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A red illustration of maniac manor with green foliage set against a bright blue moon.

Murders at Maniac Manor: The Musical – Show 106

Five teenagers try to put their differences aside to escape an undead killer in this darkly comedic musical loosely inspired by maniac mansion.
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An illustration of Paul Blart's rusted segway, in a post-apocalyptic city.

Paul Blart 3: Blart of Darkness – Show 107

At humanity's end, only one mall remains and only one mall cop can protect it. *Written by someone who hasn’t seen either Paul Blart movie.
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Postpartum. A Very Sad Play About Babies by Jason Adams

Postpartum. A Very Sad Play about Babies by Jason Adams – Show 605

In Postpartum, a new play by Jason Adams, Tom and Marie have a baby. It’s weird and hard and terrible and lovely. It’s so much bigger than they thought it could be.
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"Seance Sisters" is a new immersive play that simulates a Victorian seance and paranormal phenomena, hosted by the Fox Sister Mediums.

Seance Sisters – Show 507

"Seance Sisters" is a new immersive play that simulates a Victorian seance and paranormal phenomena, hosted by the Fox Sister Mediums.
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The sexy circus tent and fireworks

Sexy Susannah’s Circus – Show 508

A sexy, acrobatic, jiggling, juggling, gyrating sensational Burlesque Ballet!
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The cast eats a chocolate cake next to a shit emoji cupcake.

Shit Cake – Show 210

Every relationship is complicated. Even the best ones. When four friends become entangled with the drudgery of middle age, their messy pursuit of fulfillment leads to comic calamity in Shit Cake!
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Cover art from Somebody That I Used to Know

Somebody That I Used to Know – Show 211

One year after the global success of his hit single "Somebody That I Used to Know," Gotye returns to his hometown to win back the woman who broke his heart.
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Monty Python's Spamalot Young @ Part

Spamalot! Young @ Part – Show 407

A Holy and Hilarious Quest! This is an hour-long adaptation of the classic Monty Python comedy: Spamalot!
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Dancers work a Lyra hoop in SPECK OF DUST

SPECK OF DUST – Aerial Dance Performance – Show 212

Speck of Dust is an aerial dance performance investigating An individual’s strength through resilience, humanity, and cooperation because without it, human existence remains fragile.
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The Super Cyber Battle Rangers Logo

Super Cyber Battle Rangers – Show 408

A blast from the past propels a group of old friends toward their futures. Super Cyber Battle Rangers explores the feelings of irrelevance that come with age and life passing you by, learning to grow and accept that the life you have now can also be worthwhile.
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The Art of Theatre – Show 409

A gospel stage performance that depicts three dramatic stage plays alongside musical attributes, that help to captivate the audience with an emotional, humorous, and enticing connection to the art of theatre.
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The Dog Seance Ouija Board

The Dog Seance – Show 511

On a Friday night, four teenage girls gather and attempt to bring their queen bee's dog back from the dead in The Dog Seance by Emily Worrell
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Rya DeMulder poses in this costume from evolution of consciousness

The Evolution of Consciousness – Show 213

In a blend of fantasy and realism, incorporating live singing, original music and movement, the show follows evolution from both the consciousness of the universe at large and that of an individual.
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The Golden Girls gather backstage

The Indy Golden Girls: Ageless & Awesome – Show 410

Miami's sassiest seniors are back in this drag parody of the most beloved show on tv: Golden Girls!
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A cowboy rescues a maiden while riding a black steed

The Last Disco Cowboy – Show 109

Love on the range, sure is strange. Saddle up for the last disco cowboy to experience the adventure of a lifetime.
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The Sleepover – Show 109

Five girls just graduating middle school have a sleepover together where they have to look the reality of growing up in the face.
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A lit candle and a foggy background set the stage for The Talking Dead

The Talking Dead: Experiences from the victorian Seance – Show 110

The Talking Dead is an interactive adventure that explores the people and manifestations of the Victorian Seance for both skeptics and believers.
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Lightning and Fire as you travel across time in Time Car

Time Car – Show 111

Meet Marty McFly. He's broken the time barrier. Busted his parents' first date. And, maybe, botched his chances of ever being born. He's from the future, and he has to get back to it in Time Car!
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Two sperm meet upstream in this scene

Upstream (Or, The Sperm Play) – Show 112

In this absurd, bodily comedy, an unlikely pair of sperm brothers swim upstream on an epic yet heartfelt odyssey for the legendary Egg.
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Verse & Vision written in a looping font.

Verse & Vision – Show 606

Verse & Vision: Where Poetry Shares the Spotlight in a Canvas of Creativity
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Francesca twerks in a red nose in VILE

VILE – Show 214

Pizza, Disaster, Butthole! VILE is a funny, surprising, disgusting, and tender clown-and-bouffon-driven exploration of muddling through depression, surviving rape culture, and drowning in modernity.
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